News | Composite catamarans are the future of yachting

Composite catamarans are the future of yachting

Catamarans are the fastest growing segment of the sailboat market. The increasing popularity of catamarans or, rather, “a catamaran boom” can be clearly seen at any boat-show. The apparent advantages of catamarans such as the greater surface that creates more living space and storage room, easy motion, greater initial stability and outstanding sea performance, undoubtedly, attract the owners who more often than not opt for a multihull for blue-water cruising. 

However, the supply of catamarans is also growing steadily every year which, in its turn, poses a vital question: how to choose a catamaran? The success criterion in this matter is the extensive project experience of the boat designers and builders.

Our design office has a launching record of more than 50 projects of catamarans for various purposes which are cruising around the world from Great Barrier Reefs in Australia to the Gulf of Ob in Siberia. Some boats are one-offs, some are series production catamarans.

Designing successful catamarans is impossible without a personal cruising experience and a thorough understanding of their specifics, advantages and potential problems. It’s no coincidence that Albatross Marine Design corporate boat is a power catamaran as well since it is also used for testing and trials. 

The concept idea behind our projects is to combine two existing contradictory trends typical for present day catamaran building: the Australian approach that lays emphasis on the seakeeping  abilities as well as motion characteristics and the European approach that puts comfort and smart interior design first on their priority list.

Over the years, our design office has accumulated a unique experience in boat design and building supervision. Our catamaran projects have been twice selected as ones of theSignificant Small Ships of 2014 and 2015 by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), UK.

The creation of new generation boats goes hand in hand with hi-tech materials and building techniques. Composite materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber combined with three-layered sandwich sheets allow us to build lightweight and durable catamarans.  The materials or, as we call it, the layup schedule is exclusively tailor-made for every designed boat in order to achieve the best combination of its dynamic strength properties and weight characteristics. 

We are absolutely convinced that catamaran design and engineering have to rely on scientific methods and research.  Therefore, Albatross Marine Design office regularly presents its research and innovations in the field of catamaran design and construction at various scientific and professional conferences in Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, China, USA, Singapore and Russia and has a number of papers on the subject published in the leading professional maritime journals worldwide. 

Via this catalogue, we - catamaran designers and engineers - hope to share with the aspiring boat-owners the joys of being at one with the sea aboard state-of-the-art catamarans. Our experience and expertise in the field of catamaran building make us sure that catamarans are the future of boating.

Sincerely yours,

Albert Nazarov,


Managing Director, 

Albatross Marine Design

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